Hope for the Pier’s future!

After the worrying news of the Royal Pier going into administration we have finally had a reprieve. It has come though from a most unexpected place…

Hackney in East London is the home of the idea which may save our Pier. Ms Sandra Carter, formerly a student of Aberystwyth Uni is leading the campaign to save the pier and make it into a social enterprise. Ms Carter said to Wales Online “I heard the news of Wednesday and was devastated, Aberystwyth pier is iconic and we have to do something to ensure it remains viable. We have to consider the heritage side of things”. And I believe that she is absolutely right. Our heritage as a town is so largely centred on the prom, and what is a prom without a pier? It may have seen better days and perhaps it is a bit tacky but I’m still incredibly glad to see that an idea has been brought forward to save it.

Not only is it fantastic for the pier itself but it’s a wonderful thought to have a social enterprise running one of our main tourism assets. If this plan comes off then I will be the first to sign up to this enterprise!

Who would have thought when the bad news broke that we would be sat here now looking at the public taking over? Who would have thought that Mark Price, the managing director of Waitrose might be getting involved in our Pier’s salvation? What a difference a week makes eh?

Aber is a place designed for social enterprises. We, as a people, are passionate, interested and maybe a bit too authoritative in the way Aber is run. But that is a brilliant thing. Where else do people run their own town as much as we run ours? Some might be concerned that this is the first real step towards the creation of the Socialist Republic of Aberystwyth but the anti-communists need not fear. We just want to see our town prosper. I don’t think there’s any real appetite for people to take over the Penguin or Lidl just yet.

If We the People really do end up taking over the Pier I have just two demands.

  1. Cheaper entry into Pier Pressure – £6 for an empty club with questionable music is pushing it a bit in my humble opinion
  2. Bottles of beer in Inn on the Pier to be available for less that £3 – Are we really expected to choose after a long night at Yokos between one last drink and a taxi home?

Here’s to the saving of the Pier! May its walls never go unpainted and its arcade never pay out more than the bare minimum!


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