Aber locals descend on Cardiff Bay!

On Saturday there was a massive rally in Cardiff Bay which saw many Aberystwyth locals making demands of their National Assembly. The Yes Cymru rally for Home Rule for Wales saw local band The Bird and the Beards leading the crowd in song as many from Aber made their voices heard outside the Senedd.

The sun was shining over the capital as speakers such as comedian Dewi Pws and former MP Adam Price roused the audience into passionate applause. Buses came from as far afield as Wrexham to shepherd the protesters to the bay.

Hundreds gathered to demand that Wales be treated with equality with Scotland. According to the protesters, Wales would see an extra £1.2 billion a year if it was funded in the same way as Scotland. One Aber resident who asked to remain unnamed said that “Wales needs the new powers that Scotland are getting in order to ensure that we can help small local economies like Aber’s”

Now this is of course a divisive issue. Not everyone believes that the Welsh Assembly should be given any new powers (and I of course remain impartial). There are many who argue that the calibre of politicians down in Cardiff Bay means that any new powers could be a disaster.

Iestyn Rhobert, of Yes Cymru who organised the rally said that a poll published by the organisation showed that 63% of people in Wales wanted us to have the same powers as Scotland.

Though this story is only indirectly linked to Aber I thought it would be very interesting to get everyone’s opinion on the issue. Since so many from Aber were down in Cardiff on Saturday is it safe to assume that the people of Aber are demanding Home Rule or is it more true to say the opposite?

Let me know in the comments on facebook what your view is. Should Wales be given the same powers and funding as Scotland or are things okay the way they are?

You can watch a video of the rally through the following link which also features the performance of Aber’s own Bird and the Beards.


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