Decision Made. I’m voting Plaid!

We have probably witnessed the most violently fought election campaign of all time in Ceredigion. It has been bruising. The Cambrian News have embarrassed themselves with smear campaigns. Nigel Farage has waded into a row about English flags. It has been utterly bizarre but through the fog of war I have come to a decision, I’m voting for Mike Parker and here’s why…

Firstly, the coalition government has been incredibly harmful to Aber and all of Ceredigion. The savage cuts have seen our council struggling to cope. Bronglais hospital has been running on fumes and on top of that, wages are stagnating. I can not accept that it is right for the Lib Dems to balance the books on the backs of the poor. The Lib Dems have continuously failed to protect the people of Ceredigion from Tory austerity. Mark Williams, despite being a popular character around the town, has actually supported the Conservatives in 97% of his votes over the last 5 years.

To be honest, I supported the Lib Dems last time around. I was inspired by their desire to end nuclear weapons and scrap tuition fees. We all know how that turned out…

Through the smear campaigns and the scaremongering of all the main British parties, Plaid Cymru in my opinion have shined through. Mike Parker bravely rose above all the mudslinging from the other parties. He should be revered for taking a stand against racism and sticking by that stance.

I am still inspired by the desire to end nuclear weapons and tuition fees, and I believe that Plaid Cymru are honest in their wish to see this done. Our public services in Aber and the rest of Ceredigion have been cut to the bone. Every single person I speak to is unhappy about the level of the cuts that the Lib Dems have helped to heap upon the people of this constituency. While the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour have all signed up to £30 billion more in cuts to our welfare and services, Plaid Cymru has vowed to end the cuts and invest in our future.

If Wales was funded in the same way as Scotland we would have an extra £1.2 billion a year. Why is no other party fighting for this? That, to me, is a disgrace. By what possible measure are we less important, less worthy than Scotland? We deserve every penny as much as they have per head.

You know, at the start of this campaign I was focussing all of my attention on the policies of each party. I wanted to see who would best serve our town financially and socially. I wanted a party that did not blame immigrants for our nation’s woes. I wanted a party who would stop forcing cuts that we just can’t afford. These things are still incredibly important to me but as the campaign has gone on my focus has shifted. I became so tired at the dirty tricks campaigning of all of the different parties that I decided that above all, I wanted a decent human being to represent me. I wanted someone honest, with integrity. Someone who will put their electorate before themselves, people before profit and always stand up for those in need.

Mike Parker fits the bill. Not all of you will have been fortunate enough to have met him, but I have. When you meet Mike Parker you get the instant feeling that he is all the things you want in a representative.

He really cares about people. He’s not in politics for power or money, he’s there to make a difference to the lives of ordinary people. I will be proud to give him my vote and I would encourage you all to do the same.

If you were considering voting Green, remember that Plaid and the Greens have formed an anti-austerity alliance and since the Greens can’t win, the best way to strengthen the Greens is to vote Plaid.

If you were thinking of voting Labour, remember that the only way to get a Labour government is by kicking the Tories and Lib Dems out. Plaid have said that they won’t prop up a Tory government so a vote for Plaid is the only way to help end Tory rule.

If you were going to vote for the Lib Dems, remember that Mark Williams has supported the Tories 97% of the time. The Lib Dems abandoned every one of their beliefs at the first sniff of power. Mark Williams may seem like a nice man, but he represents a party which has covered up for child abuse, forced savage cuts on our struggling communities. They dropped every one of their principles and signed their souls over to David Cameron.

A vote for Plaid is a vote for positive change. Parity with Scotland. An end to nuclear weapons and the reversal of the Tories’ savage cuts.

A vote for Mike Parker is a vote for honesty, integrity, passion and above all else a vote for someone who loves this place and all its people.

When you go to cast your vote next week, please vote for Plaid Cymru, The Party of Wales.

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Thank you.


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