Candidate Profile 3: Henrietta Hensher

This is the third article in my series of candidate profiles. It focusses on the Conservatives’ Henrietta Hensher. She was educated at Stowe School in Buckinghamshire before moving to Carmarthen as an adult. She is currently a cake maker and has twice stood for election in the seat to our south, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr. This is her first election for the seat of Ceredigion.

Ms Hensher still lives in Carmarthen, unfortunately, like my previous article about the Green candidate it has been incredibly difficult to find anything out about her.

Even her twitter leaves little to be discovered. She is a rare tweeter and doesn’t have a facebook page for her campaign. Someone who is an infrequent user of social media does make my job more difficult. But some may appreciate that she doesn’t spend too much time tweeting. Perhaps her time is spent speaking to people on the doorstep but of course you’ll be the ones to know whether or not you’ve spoken to her.

I am disappointed that I couldn’t speak more about Ms Hensher. But in the interests of democracy I have decided to continue with the article and will focus more on her party.

In 2010, the Conservative candidate in Ceredigion, Luke Evetts got 11.6% of the vote, coming a respectable third. Although some way off the main two parties here, they will be hoping to build on their positive result from the last election. The Conservatives have never won an election in Ceredigion and are judged to be unlikely to do so next month. Their coalition deal with the Lib Dems may even make things harder for them here with many Conservative voters deciding to tactically vote for the Lib Dems due to their similarity in policy.

I apologise for the lack of material I have to present here, but again I shall post a link to the Conservative party manifesto at the bottom of the article for anyone brave enough to trawl through all the pages. Before I do that, I shall give a brief summary of what the Conservatives are promising in this election.

  1. Getting rid of the deficit through continued austerity cuts
  2. An in/out referendum on EU membership by 2017
  3. Introducing “EVEL” or English Votes for English Laws
  4. Reducing net migration
  5. Committing £100 billion to funding a new nuclear weapons system


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