A new kind of graffiti?

Graffiti has always been a contentious issue in Aber. From the miscreants painting swearwords on the Avenue to the protests against Tesco, people have both hated and used graffiti for many purposes, garnering very mixed reactions.

On the incredibly warm Sunday afternoon that we all just enjoyed I went for a walk on the prom and there I found on a railing a wonderful bit of knitting. As you might expect I was certainly surprised and felt it was something that needed investigating. I was delighted when I got home and sat at my laptop to discover that this is a new type of graffiti. It would seem that the world is now becoming overrun by people who are knitting onto trees, railings, road signs and bins in an attempt to both push the boundaries of street art and make town centres that little bit more colourful. I for one am delighted and hope this trend really kicks off.

In principle I believe that graffiti can be a beautiful form of art, from Banksy’s protest pieces to the breathtaking work of Retna (pictures from both can be found at the bottom of the article) street art can inspire, challenge, criticise and create. Unfortunately for far too long all we have seen in Aber is rude words and dodgy drawings of phallic absurdities. No surprise therefore that people have a bitter taste in their mouth. In Cardiff recently they held a street art competition where artists from around the world were encouraged to produce their best work on the side of the Capital’s disused buildings, the results were breathtaking. If we encourage positive art in Aber then I’m sure that we could dress the town up in such a beautiful way. Let’s be honest, we do have a bit too much grey to look at at the moment.

When it comes to this particular piece of Yarn Bombing which you can find at the bottom of the post, I would be delighted to see more of this, especially on our already beautiful seafront. We’re a very artistic town and what better placeĀ for that art to be expressed than on our prom? I’d love to know who started the Yarn Bombing of Aberystwyth, perhaps I’ll soon find out. If you are the Yarn Bomber who beautifully decorated the railings near to the shelter on North Beach then please reveal yourself!

I’m looking forward to hopefully spotting more of this art around town, hopefully it is a new tradition which will replace the tatty graffiti of old.

bkcRBP_ECH_051113GRAFFITI-053JPGretna-32015 - 1

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