Don’t talk about religion or politics…

You’ll be delighted to hear than I won’t be discussing religion. However, as May 7th is fast approaching a brief mention of the election is sadly unavoidable. I won’t bang on about it nor will I present any bias, not that I really have a particular bias in terms of the parties anyway.

However, I do feel that it’s important for people to vote. Call me old fashioned but I stand by the view that we are a privileged bunch to actually be able to vote and I hate seeing so many people wasting the opportunity.

But how does this all relate to Aber? Well, sadly, it seems as if it kind of doesn’t. The parties overall seem very quiet around town and it is a shame, as dreadful as we may think they all are it would be nice of them to pop out and allow us to tell them how we feel.

The one bit of hope in all of this is that all of the candidates (in the interests of fairness I will list them all at the end) have agreed to take part in a debate in Aber before the election. It may be a bit of a bust. It might turn out that nobody wants to hear from them so no-one shows up. It may also transpire that most of them have nothing of value to say. But on the other hand it is rare that we’re all treated to a real debate. We can’t all be in the Question Time audience or travel down to Westminster to watch Prime Minister’s Questions every week. Perhaps this won’t quite live up to that hype but the “Your Voice. Your Vote” ( debate at least promises to give us something to half wake us from our slumber before the election is over and we can all go back to not pretending that we care.

As promised, the candidates are:

Huw Thomas – Labour

Geraint James – UKIP

Henrietta Hensher – Conservative

Daniel Thompson – Green

Mike Parker – Plaid Cymru

Mark Williams MP – Liberal Democratvv2

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