Town Council Skate Park Fiasco!

I honestly don’t think any word other than fiasco could explain this.

Picture the scene:

  1. Out of touch town councillors trying their very hardest to interfere in something
  2. Young skaters with absolutely no idea who these middle aged people who are telling them off are
  3. A ramp in the skate park which has been moved a few feet to the right

It’s a recipe for disaster. To be honest I’m surprised it’s not yet reached the Supreme Court…

So, what actually happened? Well, according to one town councillor somebody “ripped a ramp away from its fixing and lifted it on to another larger ramp”. If you are not already sickened by the actions of the youngsters then prepare to be flabbergasted by what I’m about to tell you. Apparently this is not the first time it’s happened!

Now forgive me if I’m wrong but I do feel that if I were forced to decide between an experienced skater and a town councillor on who is best placed to judge the ideal¬†position for a ramp then I would have to go with the middle aged part time politician. That makes total sense doesn’t it? What do skaters know about designing skate parks? One local skater commented that “if you don’t understand skateboarding then you should ask someone who skates”. You may already be laughing at the insinuation that our councillors don’t know how to skate. I’m sure if they’d have been asked to show off their talent then they would have been more than happy to, and they would have put these skaters to shame much in the same way as they did with their skate park design in the first place.

Now I hope by this point that you’ve all realised that I am being completely sarcastic. This is possibly the biggest load of nonsense that I’ve seen from the town council in decades.

If this story hasn’t already brought a tear to your eye then wait until you hear this… The town council plans to remove the entire skate park soon and pave it all over before building an entirely new skate park in its place. In the process of removing the ramps from the skate park they will have to unbolt the “kicker” which has caused all this fuss and yes, move it. I therefore ask you this, what sense is there in the council wasting our money on rebolting this ramp over and over again when a) nobody who actually uses the damn thing wants it bolted down and b) they’re gonna be tearing the whole thing up soon enough anyway?!

Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest. I’m off now to sit on the “kicker”. Since that’s all the thing’s good for sat where it is…????????

One thought on “Town Council Skate Park Fiasco!

  1. I have just been looking at the Aberystwyth Town Council website attempting to find this in the minutes. There are not any after November last year. I think that minutes need to be done within appropriate time so people can read them and ask their councillors about them, but people that live in Aberystwyth are being stopped from doing this. Don’t the councillors get a copy 2 weeks before their meetings. I’m not great on the Internet, but these appear to be months out of date? The ones in Welsh are really hard to read – I would like audio recordings too for the hard of hearing of all the committees and sub-committees. Very easy to do I understand, I can’t find the minutes for those meetings either

    I can’t see any accounts or the way that public money is spent. I’m trying to see how much is spent in the North Ward and how much the ward raises.

    Can you help with any of these?


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