In the beginning…

Aberystwyth is a town which covers all platforms. Its presence in the news has increased dramatically over the last year or so and it has a permanent place on Wales’ collection of postcards. The amount of results you’ll find when you type ‘Aber’ into facebook is astonishing, until you find that most of these pages and groups are full of the exact same people debating the exact same issues… *cough* tesco *cough*. However, it seems Aber has been a little bit left out in the blogosphere and so I have taken it on myself to rectify this error of the internet.

I am currently spending half my time away from the town due to the extravagance that is university and so will be doing all that I can to keep up to date with the goings on around town as well as the controversies surrounding car parks and bandstands. This is not Aberystwyth Ego and so will not be an exclusively good news site! If I wish to complain, I will bloody well complain and if someone wished to complain about my complaining I suggest they take it to AberIssues ( That said, I am not one for supporting the constant negativity which attaches itself to this town like a noose.

The main aim of this blog will be to report the Aberystwyth news and give opinions on it as well as writing more general articles about the town. Please keep reading as the posts are written, I will endeavour to include less typos than the Cambrian News!Aberystwyth Mid Wales - Coast Towns & Villages

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